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Adventuring Party B

Adventuring Party B

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this adventureing bundle contains

  • Talya the HammerValykka's right arm, Talya "The Hammer" is among the most feared Inquisitors. Taciturn and with an impenetrable gaze, this dark Alfar punishes the enemies of the Tyrant-God and judges their souls.
  • Uldar the Shapeshiftert is said that Uldar is the wisest among the Deepwood Alfar clan, a powerful warrior and spellcaster who master the raw power of nature. It is said that he can shapeshift into a fearsome and mystical beast to face the greatest foes.
  • Taura the OracleDuring the pilgrimage in the Labyrinth, right after Taura has been judged by the Sacred Bull Knossos, she awakened one of the powers of the herald Tesevros the Wise: clairvoyance. This led the Order to the idea that she might ascend to Herald, but she herself declared that this was not her destiny. She would have to wait for the new heralds and thus fulfill the destiny of Oracle, the only mortal capable of talking to the Sacred Bull.
  • Wendy Greywing, Coming from a noble family, Wendy was kidnapped by the Guild as a child after the Hand of Shadow discovered that her family owned the "Shadowghost Cloak" since various generations, one of the ancient relics of the early years of the Thieves Guild, a cloak that make anyone who wear it invisible. The Greywing family refused to give up the magical cloak in exchange of their daughter, replying that a child life was not worth their honor and treasure.
    The Shadow Hand should have killed the child but decided instead to raise her with Aaron, who was just few years older than her, in the only way the guilds know.
    As one of the most feared thieves in the guild in her adulthood, she decided to take revenge on her family by stealing the Shadow Cloak, just to discover that the it was not magical at all but simply an ornamental object.
    Today, Wendy wears the cloak as a trophy as she robs her favorite victims from the nobles of the kingdom of New Torm.
  • Dragonpeak Barbarian, The people of Dragonpeaks are direct descendants of the Humans who lived in Aera under the leadership of Sol the Holiest, the Dragon-God Ghaomir’s Herald. After they have been defeated and their God had been slain at the hands of the Tyrant-God Tialevor, the few surviving heirs of Sol were entrusted with the Dragonsheart: with it, they fled to Rotvar and settled in the Dragonpeaks Mountains, where they could protect this sacred relic under the guide of the wise Kromatur the Elder, Dragonlord of Dragonpeaks.
    Today, these fierce people live in villages honoring the ancient way of the Dragon Cult, led by warriors who have shown great valor in battle. Surrounded by mountains full of beasts of all kinds, they live in a land where the battle for survival is the order of the day, a perfect place to keep their treasure hidden from the forces of evil and to maintain their legendary strength.
  • Golemmar Gnome, The Gnomes of the depths, also known as Golemmar Gnomes, are an ingenious and mysterious race of small humanoids highly akin to magic, passionate about precious stones, minerals and gems.
    Gnomes are said to be distant cousins ​​of the Dwarves, albeit thinner and even smaller in size. Centuries of research and studies dedicated to the use of Arcane energy to improve their underground life, have led the Gnomes of Golemmar to a very advanced technological development, giving life to numerous artifacts designed to give energy to their underground cities, extract the most precious minerals, and finally defend against the most aggressive creatures of the depths. The Golems, massive creatures employed to defend the city of Golemmar, were invented by this cunning race and took their name from the capital; but recently, souled Golems called Simulacra, have rebelled and fled to the deserts of Denmora. Today, many families of Deep Gnomes live in cities such as Eldanar on the outskirts of the war with the Slathaai, who after enslaving several underground villages, aim to conquer the glorious city of Golemmar, ruled by King Gilgamesh and the Queen Ishtara.
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