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Arverian Woodkeepers

Arverian Woodkeepers

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Arverian Woodkeepers - Modular Units
- 6 Highly Detailed Modular Woodkeeper
- Interchangeable weapons: Dagger, Shield, Spear, Bow, Shortbow, Quiever, Hands.

Toryden the Archdruid - Arverian Woodkeepers Hero (modular hero)
Master Druid and guardian of Yaldain, supreme protector of the Deeproots forest. After years of studying as a druid and fortifying the bond with the sacred tree, he was chosen by the ancient royal family as guardian of the tree itself. Since then, he has been relentlessly protecting the forest overcoming his foes thanks to his summoned Arboriins.

Toryden on Faenarion the Luxuriant (beast + modular rider)
The ancient Faenarion has always stood by the side of Yaldain's guardians over the centuries. No one knows his story, when the Arverians fled Aera, Faenarion appeared before them, and it was he who led them to Rotvarian forest of Deeproots. Since then, he has served all the guardians of the sacred tree that have succeeded one another over the centuries.

Xeron Thunderhoof - Arverian Woodkeeper Hero (modular hero)
Considered a true legend within the clan she became commander of the Cervitaur thanks to the many victories reported against the Gurunda and the Domlok, moreover, to date she is the only Arverian who survived in a fight alone against fearsome King Sgrakkor III.

Nihae - Arverian Woodkeepers Beauty (Fantasy Pinup) & Hollow Tree
Also called the Leaves of Yaldain, she uses her magical music to fortify the sacred tree, helping it in its growth. Chosen by the tree itself at an early age, these musicians are considered by the Arverians as an integral part of the tree itself and for this reason their protection is a priority of the people.

Arverian Cervitaurs
The Cervitaur clan represents the wild side of the Arverians. From birth they are trained in hunting and fighting, they are one with the surrounding forest. their sole purpose is to protect Deeproots and their inhabitants.

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