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Adventuring Party A

Adventuring Party A

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this adventureing bundle contains

  • Khan Avarga Tomor-Gar, Avarga Tomor-Gar is the supreme leader of the Orr'ug tribes, the khan, the commandress of legend, the one who has led the clans to dozens of battles and always emerged victorious. Her gigantic runic axe has been blessed by the demigoddess Umai, and is capable of slicing through living and spirits: an artifact wich Avarga vowed to use to slay the dragonlord Kromatur. Thanks to Avarga, the tribes of Orr'ug who once fought each other for control of the steppes are now a formidable army that poses a real threat to the peoples of Rotvar.
  • Requiem Templar, Requiem Templars stand before the chaos and corruption that rages in the world as immovable fortresses, protected by consecrated armour and incenses, capable of warding off the sacrilegious curses of their enemies. The Requiem Brotherhood was created centuries ago in the name of the saint Sol the Holiest in the stronghold of Dosmagal, hidden in the freezing mountains of Rotvar. Skilled clerics and paladins, the Requiem Templars are selected and trained with the sole purpose of breaking the bones of the creatures of corruption and chaos, wielding immense hammers, clubs and flails to break their bones.
  • Deepwood Alfar Shadowleaf,  When a Deepwood Alfar reach the mastery in the way of the shadow, he take part of a long and lethal ritual. Who survive this mystical trial take the name of Shadowleaf, spies and assassins whos skill is legendary.
  • Gudrun the Skald, The passion for banquets, mead and tales of heroic deeds accompanied by good music are some of the reasons why it is not at all rare to find skilled bards and storyteller among the Dwarven people of Skutagaard. Gudrun delights the nights of the village of Huskald thanks to the melodies and tales of the glorious clans.
  • Zipzaap Darkspark,  leader of the Sparksoot tribe and spiritual guide, Zipzaap is also called "the lunatic". Wise and crazy at the same time, he is a true schizophrenic genius with two distinct personalities: mad technician and mysterious necromancer . He's the one who invented most of the Sparksoot contraptions, including bombs, explosives, and even the giant Scrap Golem.
  • Cornelius Greathat, At the canter of the glorious City of Knowledge, stands the mysterious Arcane Tower, the place that houses one of the most powerful artifact of Mundus, the Arcane Mirror, a magic pool capable of finding the beings who are touched by magic in the realms.
    At the top of that tower operate Cornelius, a wise-looking elderly man, wrapped in an embroidered tunic, wearing his great and dusty hat upon a troubled bushy brow. Being part of the High Council of the Magi in Eldanar, Cornelius is extremely busy with tasks that the mere mortals can barely understand, but despite his great responsibilities, his fascination by youth and those who want to learn the rules of the Arcane makes him want to continue teaching the apprentices of the Guild. Cornelius spent more than fifty years of his life with the greatest tinkerer and arcanist Gnomes of Eldanar to make the Arcane Mirror, which now is used to find those who are gifted with the skill of manipulating the arcane but are unable to control it, with the aim of guiding them, making sure that they do not represent a danger to balance and do not attract the Planar Demons.
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We have been working behind the scenes on this system for around a year and a half now and i have to say we are really happy with it, though the document is not fully formatted yet we believe all the text that is currently in the Quick start Rules will be in the final book

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