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Frostheart Lizardmen

Frostheart Lizardmen

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Frostheart Lizardmen
Even before the advent of the dwarves, the northen isle of Frostheart was home to a race of powerful Frost Lizardmen, massive warm-blooded reptiles perfectly adapted to the icy climes of the north.

Nearly driven to extinction by the Goldvein's dwarves, the Frostheart Lizardmen were forced to take an oath to the Great Linnorm to drive the invaders from their land, serving him like a living god.

Brute Wyvern Riders
Of the gigantic creatures that infest Frostheart Island, Brute Wyverns are among the most dangerous. These armored, warm-blooded cannibal Wyverns have shed their wings in favor of powerful arms, which they use to tear apart the flesh of their prey. Trained Brute Wyverns serve the Frostheart Lizardmen as mighty mounts and beasts of war…hundreds of dwarves and trolls were devoured by this mighty race of northern wyverns.

Roskaal the Blind
“Every day we hunt aware that it could be the last, our scales will feed the same land we come from."
-Roskaal the Blind, shaman of Frostheart.

Roskaal the Blind, also known as Roskaal the White, is a pale old Lizardmen who bears the weight of centuries-old knowledge on his hunched shoulders. Frostheart's shaman and sage, he was the one who decided accept the Great Linnorm's offer as his people were on the verge of extinction.

Roskaal is the last survivor of the Order of the Linnorm, the only priest still alive with permission to hear the words of the Great Linnorm, when it is not sleeping a lethargic sleep.

Lizardmen King - Tashokk the Great
" You are welcome to come back, with pickaxes and spears, trying to get hold of the Frostheart Gem. Upon the Bronze Throne sits a Warrior King who is not afraid to face you one by one."
-Tashokk the Great – Lizardmen King of Frostheart.

Clad in majestic mammoth fur, the proud and mighty King of Frostheart sits upon the Bronze Throne protecting the fabled Frostheart Gem, coveted by kings and heroes of Skutagaard.

Having sworn allegiance to the Great Linnorm of the north, Tashokk, champion of the Battle Pits among the Lizardmen, challenged the Dwarf King of Goldvein to a one-on-one duel, a duel he ended in moments and became the monarch of the frozen island. King Tashokk's courage and ardor united the mightiest Lizardmen tribes of the north, resulting in an army worthy of a god, perfect to serve the great linnorm.

King Tashokk has the sole objective of defending his island from industrious invaders and metropolis builders, safeguarding the ancient traditions of the Lizardmen hunters.

Frostheart Tyrannax
Among Frostheart's mighty Brute Wyverns, the Tyrannax is the most majestic. The alpha of this mysterious species of wyvern is a giant warm-blooded lizard with a very powerful jaw, capable of severing a troll in two. The forelimbs, which now have no wings, are extremely short compared to the powerful legs and enormous tail. Among Goldvein's dwarven writings, only one Tyrannax is said to have appeared during the war: it is not certain whether it is a mutation among the Brute Wyverns of the north or an endangered ancient species
The Tyrannax is second only to Frostheart's Great Linnorm in size and power. It is ridden into battle by the legendary Lizardmen King Tashokk.

Skaala - Lizard Pinup
Fierce warrior Skaala, regarded as an aberration among Frostheart's Lizardmen, was cursed by a mad Enchanter who traveled to the island to get his hands on Frostheart's Gem. Though her size is unmatched by that of her kin, the brave Skaala showed great displays of strength and dexterity in the battle pits of Frostheart.

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