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Skutagaard Northmen Saga

Skutagaard Northmen Saga

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Northmen Huskarls
Cloaked in leather armors, fur and scalemail, the hardy Northmen Huskarls are the men and women of the Fjords who stand as the first line of defense against the monstrosities of Skutagaard, siding with the Dwarves in time of great peril. Versatile and formidable with axes, swords, bows and spears, their tales of bravery and sacrifice echo in the sagas sung by the Skalds, becoming guiding stars for future generations. For a Huskarl, falling in battle is an honor, a pathway for their souls to join their ancestors in the Great Mead Hall.

Northmen Huskarls Horse Riders
When the chilling winds of Skutagaard carry the thunderous sound of hooves, it heralds the arrival of the Huskarl Horse Riders. Revered by the Northmen as sacred companions, the horses are more than just beasts of burden, they are partners in battle and symbols of their land's untamed spirit. These skilled equestrians, armed with axes, swords, and bows, bring a swift and brutal form of warfare to the enemy. Riding atop these sturdy and revered northern steeds, their rapid charges and lightning-fast raids have been the bane of countless adversaries.

Astrid Trollskadi - the Shieldmaiden
"May the winds of the Fjords chill the hearts of my foes before they meet the frost-bitten edge of my Troll blade.”  – Astrid Trollskadi

From the ranks of the Huskarls, one figure stands out, the fearsome shieldmaiden known as Astrid Trollskadi. Legend speaks of her great deed in a pivotal battle against the Trolls, where she single-handedly slew a troll chieftain and turned the tide. Wielding her iconic Troll Greatsword, a colossal bronze blade which the troll chieftain was wielding with a single hand, the shieldmaiden Astrid has become a beacon of courage and strength for her people, inspiring tales sung in the mead halls of the Skutagaard.

Thane Gunnar Vinteraxe – Slayer of the Linnorm
"Let the Lich Lord come! Let the Troll King try his might! I, Gunnar Vinteraxe, Thane of the Fjords, will not retreat!” – Thane Gunnar Vinteraxe

Cloaked in the pelt of a mighty bear, wielding a massive bronze axe and shield, Gunnar Vinteraxe is a legend amongst the Northmen. The Fire Linnorm, a beast akin to the dragons of old who manaced the Fjords for years, was slain by Gunnar in an epic battle that is still recounted in awe around the fires, a deed that granted him the title of Thane. His indomitable spirit and battle prowess are revered, and his presence alone can rouse his fellow warriors to unmatched fervor.

Svadilfari – King of the Horses
"From winter's chill and frostbite's sting,
Rides Svadilfari, Horse of Kings.
Mane of courage, hooves beat our song,
In his presence, our hearts grow strong."
- Skald's verse of the Northmen

King of the horses, the myth, the legend - Svadilfari, is not an ordinary horse but a divine equine spirit of the North Wind. Revered by the Northmen for his embodiment of their respect and kinship with the horse kind, his name echoes through the fjords of Skutagaard, stirring tales of thunderous gallops that sound like storms, and the magical ability to command the wind. Known to intervene when the equine kind and his favored humans are threatened, Svadilfari responded to the Fire Linnorm's terror who devoured horses and scorched the lands. It was then when Gunnar Vinteraxe faced his direst battle against the Fire Linnorm, that Svadilfari came to his aid. This mythical creature, with a tempest in his mane and lightning in his eyes, stands not only as a symbol of untamed natural forces, but also as a beacon of hope and courage for the people of the fjords.

Alfhikd – Northmen Pinup
In the frozen fjords of Skutagaard, Alfhild stands as a remarkable figure, an emissary of the deities of abundance and prosperity, and a breathtaking vision of Northmen beauty. The axe resting on her shoulder is a reminder that Alfhild embodies the dual nature of the people of the Fjords, who find serenity in the harshest of climates, yet are unyielding and resolute when the need arises.

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