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Svartwood Trolls

Svartwood Trolls

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Trolls comes in all size and varieties, and being one of the most ancient people, no one knows their origins. They have inhabited the lands of mortals for as long as anyone can remember. Some Trolls are like wild animals, some are intelligent enough to create kingdoms. You may come across savage Trolls or great smith and wiseman. Common characteristics among Trolls are their strength, their arcane resistance, their innate ability to quickly regenerate any wound, their great stature; noses capable of perceiving smells from miles away, they have very acute eyesight and hearing, their blood is sought by craftsmen and alchemists, they breed with other races, and they do not like fire. Being the Svartwood Forest a passageway to and from the frozen lands of Skutagaard, the Trolls of Svartwood had the opportunity to learn from many races, creating a large community ruled by the greedy Troll King Drungvandel. The Tolls are self-proclaimed lords of Svartwood, and as the benevolent lords they consider themselves, they allow those who recognize their greatness to live or roam freely through the forest,… for the right price. In fact, the secret city of Trollhule hide a treasure worth of an emperor. The task of the Troll Hunters is to provide food for their community and to control the borders from any invaders, especially the annoying and hated dwarves.

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