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TTRPG Travel Bag

TTRPG Travel Bag

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discover the ultimate tabletop RPG travel case designed exclusively for Game Masters and players.

  •  Store 4-8 Books, Sheets, and Reference Materials: Our spacious main compartment is equipped with a padded divider, offering customized organization for your next gaming session.
  •  Size: 36 x 24 x 18cm – perfectly designed for convenience and functionality.
  •  16-Section Foam Storage for 28mm Figures: The intuitive top compartment is meticulously designed to hold your PC, NPC's, or the next set of adversaries, ensuring your game visuals are top-notch.
  •  Convenient Battlemap and Hex Grid Holder: Elevate your gaming experience with ease. Our case includes a secure loop to hold your rolled-up battlemaps and hex grids, guaranteeing an interactive and dynamic gaming session every time.

Choose quality, organization, and convenience. Elevate your tabletop RPG sessions with our travel case.

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