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The Big Bitty Waifu Bundle

The Big Bitty Waifu Bundle

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The Bundle contains 10 lewd fantasy pin up models

  • Skylda VingardAs the Northmen teetered on the brink of defeat in Frostheart, a brilliant light pierced the sky. Descending from the clouds, Skylda—named by the Northmen for her aerial arrival—flared forth a divine radiance, halting Eldormr and his Lizardmen in their tracks. With a voice both powerful and ethereal, she commanded the Northmen to the ancient ruins, their last bastion. "In Frostheart's final battle, I shall return once more," she proclaimed, then vanished, leaving a promise of hope and an awe-struck army in her wake.
  • Alfhikd, In the frozen fjords of Skutagaard, Alfhild stands as a remarkable figure, an emissary of the deities of abundance and prosperity, and a breathtaking vision of Northmen beauty. The axe resting on her shoulder is a reminder that Alfhild embodies the dual nature of the people of the Fjords, who find serenity in the harshest of climates, yet are unyielding and resolute when the need arises.
  • Marwina the Witch, Marwina, an ancient enemy of the Arcanists' Guild, is a terrible lonely witch who hides in the swamps on the border between the Forest of Arba and the deserts of Denmora. By luring, deceiving and sacrificing countless young apprentices, she extended her life for decades. She is said to hold the greatest secrets of youth, but not even the most infamous Witch Covens of Rotvar have been able to snatch these dark secrets from her.
  • Janet Demonbane, Janet Demonbane is a Demon Hunters assassin from the silent step and an easy trigger, a shadow able to sneak into the infernal demonic lairs, where no mortal would dare to set foot without an army behind her.
  • Huntress Lenna, In addition to being great warriors, the Dragonpeaks are skilled hunters. In the course of time, they have developed different techniques to hunt the large and powerful Fairs that live in Dragon Peak. One popular technique is to cook a good piece of meat in the open air, so that the aroma of the succulent food spreads and attracts ravenous animals.
  • Perris Gnollslayer, As a nomadic tribe, the Bonegnasher are not easy to track down, and often by the time they do it is already too late. That is why over the centuries the help of hunters or adventurers has been increasingly required to stop or at least locate the Bonegnasher. Having survived a Gnoll raid, Perris grew up specialising in Gnoll hunting and became one of the most sought-after Gnoll hunter.
  • Adriana, In the Thieves Guild each adept has a very specific role, especially based on the most developed talents. Adriana, often acting as a courtesan or dancer for the high nobility, is specialized in locating treasures or relics hidden in the mansion of the and powerful nobles of New Torm. Once her “costumers” are poisoned or anesthetized, there is no lock, door, cell or chest that she cannot open.
  • Solaria, Solaria is the name given to the holy warrior priestess who carries the voice of Sol into the world. Solaria in addition to being a valiant destroyer of demons, has the task of transmitting the creed and purifying the souls of the Requiem Brotherhood members.
  • Lara the Dancer, Even the Scourgelanders need to sit back and relax from time to time, have some sweet dates or enjoy a spicy Zeek-Eggs liquor at the sub-terrain taverns. Lara is one of the fiercest hunters at the tribe, but when she's not hunting twisted Ashen Alfar or ferocious Zeek in her chitin armour, she loves to perform at the subterrain Tavern as a pole dancer. As strange as it might seems, Lara can't be separated from Scourgy, a little Cellar Scourge Zeek.
  • Elena, Initiate Fighter, she still have to earn the precious armor set of the Guild.
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