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The Demon King's Spawn

The Demon King's Spawn

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Hunted and persecuted throughout Mundus, Demon worshippers hide in every realm. Demons are invoked by those mortals who have lost faith in the ancient gods, by the weak minds who seek revenge, money, power, or a way to climb the hierarchy; as it is said that a powerful Demon can grant any wish. Rarely a pureblood Demon, also called Daemon, will answer the call of a mortal, but if it decides to appear and offer you a deal, there is one price to pay… why would you need a soul on the afterlife?

Mezzalfiends of the Gorge (Modular Unit)
After being defeated by the god of the mountain Uma, the self-proclaimed Demon King Baalzrodan could not recall his armies from his Planar Domain because of the barrier created around Mundus in order to prevent further demonic invasions. Hiding in the Gorge of the abyss, Baalzrodan decided to increase his ranks by crossing his demons with the mortals of Mundus.
It was at that moment that Lilith, second daughter of Baalzrodan, bewitched the most powerful heroes among the mortals and gave birth to the first half-demons.
The Mezzalfiends, who were the result of this crossbreeding, inherited the best traits of mortals and demons, athletic and robust physique, high resistance to flames, tails and horns of which they are very proud.
These half-demons become the favourite Demon King’s shock troops after Mephisto, the Daemon Smith, invented the Planar Armors and weapons, forged by invoking lesser demons from outside planes directly into the black metal of the Gorge, bringing life to a living armor that enhances the Abilities of the wearer, at the price of burning its soul if not perfectly compatible.
Covered in the powerful Planar Armors black as the night and wearing terrifying hammers, swords, and spears, the Mezzalfiends of the Gorge strike terror into the heart of their enemies, brutally fighting and killing anyone who stands in the way of Baalzrodan plans to conquer Mundus.

Gorge Imps (Modular Flying Unit)
Abyss Gorge Imps are small and winged demons of deformed bodies and large horns that inhabits the Gorge of Baalzrodan, fighting with oversized planar weapons, to compensate their tiny bodies.
Just like the Gruntlings, the coward Imp have a very primitive intellect, but they are spiteful creatures of pure evilness and hate. These ungrateful demons submit to the Daemons out of fear of their strength, but they would not think twice to rebel against their masters if they had the size and cunning to overwhelm the hierarchy. Cowards and vicious, the Imps are capable of the most terrifying tortures when they assault their victims in large numbers.

Lilith the Matriarch (Modular Epic Boss - Pinup)
Lilith is the second child of Baalzrodan, arguably the most ruthless of the Daemon princes, a being whose beauty equals her pure wickedness. Matriarch and queen of the Lust Demons, Lilith loves to make fun of the mortals by winning the hearts of nobles and heroes. Taking the form of the most attractive princess in mundus by simply shrinking her towering size and hiding her demonic horns and tail, entire kingdoms have fallen to compete for the most beautiful lady of the realms.
Lilith is the mother of the Mezzalfiend, as she gave birth to the first two half-demons ever, the brothers Diabolica and Ildamos: children she had with one of the most powerful demon hunters among the mortals, Rudolf Dosmagal, first Lord Commander and founder of the Requiem brotherhood.
With her insane beauty and sharp intellect, Lilith easily subdued the will of the Lord Commander by tricking him into thinking she was an Alfar princess of a faraway realm.

Mephisto the Daemon Smith (Modular Hero)
Incredibly cunning and devious, Daemons are immortal soul-feeding beings that crave power and dominance over Mundus. These pure-blood ancestral entities occupy the top of the demonic social pyramid.
Mephisto is a Daemon of enormous stature and muscular body covered in soot, with powerful wings and majestic obsidian horns, he is the third son of Baalzrodan.
Thanks to his machiavellic wit, Mephisto discovered how to circumvent the divine barrier that protects Mundus from the outsider to summon the lowest form demons, foolish and savage imps that he invokes directly into the black molten metal of the gorge to bring life to the Planar Armors and Weapons.
Mephisto craves the ancient artifact and divine manufact of Mundus, which he avidly collects and study to create even more powerful artifacts.
Crafty and greedy, his deals and contracts aim to manipulate the mortals to achieve these ancient treasures besides their souls. He is considered by the demonic cults as the patron of blackmiths and inventors.

Amon on daemonum Kerubim (Modular Hero)
The Daemon Aamon is the fourth son of Baalzrodan, and despite his size compared to other Daemons, he is regarded by his own father and brothers as one of the most cunning and devious Daemons, who most of all loves to make intricate contracts with the foolish mortals who think they can outwit a Daemon.
Many fell because of Aamon's intrigues, even his older brother, the Demon King's first son, whom Aamon had banished from the Gorge by staging an assassination attempt on his father.
Aamon's goal is to one day succeed in taking his father's place as the new Demon king, as he believes to be the only one smart enough to run his reign of terror in mundus.
Amon loves to torture and make his victims suffer, and it was his idea to turn his faithful demonic servant Kerubim into a Planar Disk, which he uses to fly and ride against his enemies, as he was born without the gift of wings.
Being a powerful Arcanist, Aamon is regarded by Daemon worshippers as the patron of arcanists and enchanters and is often invoked by those who delve into the depths of dark magic.

Astaroth the Soul forged (Modular Epic Boss)
Astaroth was the Demon King's general, as well as his minor brother. His towering upper body is that of a winged Daemon with an extremely massive and muscular build who stands on four powerful bestial legs for a total of six limbs. His head, with a bony and sharp jaw, is adorned with gigantic horns, which the Daemon uses to charge his enemies with eyes steeped in blind rage.
This terrifying abominium, however, was defeated by Bal-Thorm the Relentless Mountain, herald of the Mountain god Uma who was wielding a towering demon-destroyer hammer created by the gods during the Demonic Invasion.
Astaroth's body was almost destroyed, but the Daemon survived thanks to Mephisto's intervention. The Daemon Smith was forced to graft several planar metal parts on his body and infuse it with thousands of demon souls, transforming him into an even more feared and powerful being, but making him lose his reason.
No longer possessing the wit and tactics that made him the perfect commander for the Demon King's legions, Astaroth is now a ruthless weapon of death and destruction.

Daemonum Siege Machine
(Modular Vehicle or Scatter Terrain)

Daemonum siege machines are massive armoured vehicles that are still under construction, invented and built by Mephisto and his evil Imp minions, planned to be used by Baalzrodan's armies to assault the lands of Mundus. Daemonum siege machines are built by grafting souls of demons and fed with Simulacra. These infernal metal wagons are reinforced in spikes and blades to destroy any obstacle in front of them and are dotated with a powerful cannon capable of breathing fire.
Nobody knows the catastrophic consequences that these siege machines could unleash to the realm of the mortals.

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