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The Green Big Bitty Waifu Bundle

The Green Big Bitty Waifu Bundle

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This Bundle contains

  • Umai the Oracle, The wise and authoritarian Umai is the spiritual guide of the Orr'ug, the seer who unified all the tribes under the cult of spirits, protectress of ancient rituals and traditions. To the Orr'ug, Umai is a semi-divine creature, revered as a goddess of fate and fertility. Umai's enigmatic predictions narrate that one day, the Orr'ug will return to the Dragonpeaks, which was formerly the home of the orc and ogre ancestors who gave rise to their race.
  • Gbiza, Generally, female Goblins are virtually indistinguishable from the male in the eyes of Men, Dwarves and Alfar. The reason has not been discovered, but only one female for every hundreds Goblins is able to conceive and when one is born, she is destined to a great fate. Worshiped as a fertility goddess or queen, and considered direct Daughters of Grimbog, they are distinguishable by their feminine and gracious figure, attractive even to the eyes of other races. Unlike some Daughters of Grimbog exploit their heritage to rule over Goblins and be treated like minor deities, Gbiza choose the path of the assassin, demonstrating her devotion to the Goblin god Grimbog by assassinating the enemies of her tribe.
  • Gwendrel the Troll Maiden, Being even rarer than a Double-headed troll, Troll Maidens are mysterious beautiful trolls who are worshiped as protecting spirits and bringers of good luck. Also called Huldra by dwarves and men, these ancestral spirits often attract and lead incautious adventurers and wanderers to death.
    According to testimonies, the human kingdom of Helska, situated east of Svartwood, was destroyed by Drungvandel and his Trolls when its prince, after learning about the healing effects of Troll Maiden’s blood, dared to kidnap a Huldra. Today the kingdom of Helska lives only in history books!

  • Trixia the Hobgoblins Queen, In the Hobgoblins tribes, only few women are able to conceive. These women, worshiped as deities, are raised as wisewomen and often become the queens of their tribe. Thanks to their wisdom the Hobgoblins have endured and grown throughout history. The evil Trixia of the Blackrazors grew up under the guidance of Bogtraz, and she was convinced in her childhood to be the true daughter of the Goblin God Grimbog. Thanks to her dedication in the shamanic ways she learnt to speak with the Goblin God and received the location of the sacred spell used by Bogtraz to shape the Blackiron. During the Great War of Falgor she ordered to kill all the other Hobgoblin Queens, and every other Hobgoblin woman as she discovered their fertility, going against all traditions.
  • Logranna Helforge, A tenacious blacksmith and warrior, Logranna grew up with a forge and a runic hammer that once belonged to a Dwarven Artisan lord. Pouring all his ferocity into each of his creations, Logranna crafted each of the enchanted Frostbite Blades and Axes employed by the clan.
  • Lyzz Kaboom, This crazy Goblin lady is passionated about explosives and traps. She recently assembled a huge amount of giant missiles with Zipzaap with the plan to launch a bunch of nude goblins on a human town, what a smart plan! She just jumped on one of those to test it!
  • Yagraz, Meet the beautyful Yagraz, beautiful and strong Orc lady. As Assassin, her speciality is to enter a human camp as dancer and take the life of a general/commander with the biggest weapon she could find.
  • Tsuki, Before being torn away from her family to be enslaved and sold to Yakazuma, Tsuki was a young artist with the love for nature, music and dance.
    She has been raised to be the storyteller of the Oni Clan, keeper of secrets and legends.
  • Grozna, Grozna of the Marauders tribe, almost out of place among the Ogre marshes, is a creature of legendary beauty and grace. Passionate about the artistic work of the Ogre cook Burtz, Grozna is the only lucky one to fall on his graces, enjoying the finest dishes with the rarest spices.
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