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Trollking Drungvandel on his Throne

Trollking Drungvandel on his Throne

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Drungvandel raised as king when the Svartwood Trolls were about to be annihilated by the Frostmetal Orcish clan, led by the Lich Overlord.
The King of trolls, like any Double-headed troll, has a double personality: his first one only wants to destroy while the second one is attracted by power and wealthiness. Thanks to the King dual personality the other trolls managed to survive, becoming one of the most feared communities in Skutagaard.

Drungvandel, having wiped out everyone who wanted to destroy the troll community, proclaimed himself Lord of Svartwood, and anyone who wanted to live or just walk through the forest had to pay the toll to the king.
Thanks to the toll rule and the “high council of trolls”, made up of the king's three small but evil advisers who live in the Throne himself, it is said that Drungvandel possess the greatest treasure in all Skutagaard.
To proof himself the only king of Svartwood, and the most powerful being in all Skutagaard, Drungvandel stole the throne of the Jotunn king Haimdal, created by the dwarves of Skutagaard, from the snow-covered lands of Birfost.
This legendary throne was given to this Jotunn clan after their oath to protect the only passage to the east, to the land of the immortals, where no being dares to venture.
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