So why not start a blog of sorts? Its more for me to be able to organize my thoughts and help share what books and projects are in the pipeline. if this isn't something you are interested in, well, how did you find this page? 


The Deck of Many Triggers

The deck of many triggers is a massive group project if you want to see the promo cards click this link. it shows whose cards are who and what to kinda expect from the deck, for the core deck 10 writers 5 cards each, and we are looking at 10 more writers doing 1 card each if we reach stretch goals. one thing I did not expect from this deck is how high-quality it looks. We went for high-end paper with gold foil and all that jazz, but it has come out far nicer than what I could ever have expected. 

the only real catch to this project is it will be crowd funded only. if you want the deck you have to buy it from the giant slayer crowd funder. yes, I will be ordering a 10% margin of error with the post, so there will be extra decks. However, I will be dividing up all the decks with each person involved, and they will do with them as they please, so there is a chance you can get your hands on a deck after the crowd funder, but it will be difficult. also, I kinda like the idea of the exclusivity of the deck. As we are keeping 50 cards a complete mystery, only people that back will get to really get to see what's in the deck. 

Overall, it has been a great project to work on, and the guys working on the cards have been great to work with. I am looking forward to going live; though it has been difficult being bottlenecked by artwork so heavily, we aim to have the decks in people's hands for October or November 2024.


Class War TTRPG Battle Royale

this one even has a prelaunch page. also, I would recommend signing up as the early bird discount on this one is really good. within a month of the deck of triggers being finished, I aim for Class War to go live as soon as the deck of triggers has been put in the post, this book I have been working on since late 2020, it was so close to going live on Kickstarter just before the OGL happened, though I suppose it has been a blessing in disguise. at the time of writing this blog Grim Jim has started editing my book, I need someone to go over and just have everything 100% I really want people to love this book as much as I do.

So what is in the book?

  • A Comprehensive Game System: Rooted in our WW1 system DEATH MARCH, the book provides a fully developed game system that forms the foundation for your adventures. You can access a free demo of these rules to get a taste of the gameplay.
  • Intense and Gory Combat: Dive into the heart-pounding action with features like bloody combat, dismemberment mechanics, and critical tables that add an element of brutal realism to your battles.
  • Arsenal of Over 30 Weapons: Equip your characters with a diverse selection of over 30 weapons, each with its own unique rules and attributes, allowing for strategic and varied combat encounters.
  •  Detailed Sectors: Explore 20 distinct sectors, each accompanied by detailed descriptions, special events, and battle maps. These immersive environments will set the stage for your adventures and battles.
  • Modern Feats: Enhance your characters' abilities with a selection of 12 modern feats, granting them new powers and skills to navigate the challenges they encounter.
  • Versatile Game Modes: Choose from 6 different game modes to tailor the experience to your preferences and group dynamics. Additionally, there's a Director's Cut mode, which we'll elaborate on shortly.
  • Infinite Replayability: Experience endless variety as no two games will ever be the same. The book incorporates a multitude of random event tables and reaction tables, ensuring that your adventures remain fresh and unpredictable with each playthrough.


The formatting for classwar is being done by Gontijo. I would say he is one of the best formatters for TTRPG books today. I have told him to just go wild. I'm no artist, and I trust him to create a very beautiful book. this book has been a long time in the making but it is almost here. 



what can I say about Death March? ok, so here is the basic gist of where I am and how it is going, as it has been a long time since I updated you guys on it.Gontijo will be formatting Death March and since the artist dropped out we will only be using public-domain art and photos, though I do see myself hiring Jon to do the odd bit of art for the book, the good thing is Death March lends itself so well to public domain art this isn't much of a set back. however, once the quick start rules have been fully formatted, I will start charging a 5er for the quick start rules PDF.  This is to help bring some money back into the project, though it will be going back to free once the full book is ready for Kickstarter.

whenever that will be, I do not know, as I would say I still have about a 3rd of the full book still to write. I wouldn't say it has been writer's block, as when I sit down to work on the book, I can get a few pages done in a day. I have just had many other projects creep up on me. I want this book to be fully contained; nothing worse than wanting to get into a system and having to buy 3 books; this book will be all-encompassing. I do want to write more adventures for Death March, and after this book, I am far from done with it. As you will see later in this post, I am working on several books related to Death March in some way, 

I like to say I'm a manic creative; if I get an idea for something, I just start firing it out. sadly, most, if not all, of the books come to some sort of roadblock or bottleneck and get set down until the roadblock is sorted.


Dice & Demons

I and Lazy Titan have been working on DnD since the OGL, I had actually started it long before, but only a few pages as the idea of making a generic dark fantasy system has been done by so many people. Why would anyone want our one? the truth is I don't trust any other company behind any other system to not shaft me in some way, shape, or form. As much as I enjoy mork borg, I would never create third-party content for the system as I do not trust the guys behind it and their policies. 

the quick start rules are out for dice and demons as well as the bastard princess adventure. 

ATM the only real thing we are holding back on is feedback. we want as much possible feedback as we can get before putting the book on Kickstarter.. again like Death March, I want this book to have as much bang for your buck as possible. i dont want to say exactly what all will be in the full book now but trust me even if you do not intend on every playing dice and demons there will be something in the book you can and will use.


so i do not want to keep you all day, i am going to cut this down into bullet points, some of these books are actually very far ahead and in some cases up to 90% written but for what ever reason i have to do X Y and Z before i can get to it. trust me you will see.

Burgerpunk 2046

currently being done as 2 books, setting book, so if you want to, you can play within the burger punk setting, but with something like Cyberpunk 2020, it is a great system, and I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to use it over the system we will be using for it.

Setting book 10% done

Rule book 60% done

SciFi Gothic

Sci-fi gothic is Death March converted to generic grim dark fantasy being published by Mad Scribe Games, but james why a publisher? I just want to do the writing, i really like working on game mechanics and all that jazz, and for this book I just want to write, hand it in, and have everything else sorted. though their may be a third person joining us soon but it is far too early to speak publicly on this book. either way.

Rule book 98% done

Marie Curie Death March adventure

charity adventure for Marie Curie, the hospice that looked after means mum for the last month or so of her life; everything generated from this book will be given to the charity as I could not recommend them enough. 

I may be working with Glynn Seal on this book as his dad also has cancer, though he will be mac Miller, and if that is the case, the book will be 50/50 for each charity.

Adventure is 40% written

Dice and Demons Zine: The Eastern Barbarians 

 going forward after the Dice and Demons Core book, the intent is to make modular setting books, new classes with settings that can be dragged and dropped into almost any fantasy system. Does your world need the Eastern barbarians? or maybe the Viking isles; what about the totally not Japan? you guys get the idea thats what these books will be but with some new items classes and what ever else to expand on dice and demons though the books anyone should be able to get use out of.

this book is 40% done

Dice and Demons Zine: The Dark Lands

 copy and paste what I said above but this one is not mordor, its around 70% done, i actually really really like this one

The Umbral Apostle Incident Veil Riders Adventure

 adventure for the veil riders thats set in an artic base taken over by terrorists of sorts, we are up to act 2 and the skeleton outline is done, maybe 50 to 60%

Hog World / Planet of the hogs

 this book will probubly all be converted to not gorka morka for sci fi gothic, its still a really fun book, though all needs re worked in some way shape or form. 

Unga bunga stone and sorcery

 based on Dice and Demons, the same as Burgerpunk being a derivative of Death March, I don't want to even think about going further with this book until Dice and Demons is out. The good news is i think i have the crafting system, but needs work

maybe 30% written, mostly weapons, classes and other equipment

Monster Mash

this book is an adventure/supplement of sorts for death march, evil haunted mansion adventure though classes written for classic early 1900s monsters, think Dracula the mummy and the creature of the black lagoon, trust me you guys are going to fucking love it, but death march needs to be put out before this so it's stuck.

the classes are written, but the adventure is only a skeleton; around 40% written

The Blood Pact Of Saint James  A Divine Comedy  Dice & Demons Adventure

 the follow on adventure for the bastard princess, the skeleton is written and the first act is complete, but i shouldnt spend any more time on it until the core rule book is finished. trust me vampires on not epstine island what more can i say?

around 30% written

Lesser Key Creature Codex

the lesser key of soloman turned into a MM, with the game having demons in the title i need a book dedicated to just demons. 

20% written


there is so much here that is viable to change, so if some of these books never see the light of day, don't shout too much at me. I am away on holiday at the start of June, and my main goals are to get the deck of triggers out, followed by class war, and then followed by the death march. but I will be lucky if Death March sees Kickstarter by this time next year. only time will tell, but I need to get books out before I work on anything else, for example, the Dice and Demon Zines and The Marie Curie Adventure. but don't worry too much. Everything is moving behind the scenes, just it's always in flux.


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