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Chronica: Paper Legends #1

Chronica: Paper Legends #1

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Paper Legends #1 By NEET Games

Introducing Paper Legends - Your Affordable Gateway to TTRPG Miniatures!

After four successful years in 3D printed models, we've heard your calls for accessible tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) miniatures. The high cost and intricate painting process associated with 3D prints can be daunting. Enter our innovative solution: Paper Legends. This book of meticulously designed paper minis offers an affordable and hassle-free alternative for TTRPG enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in beautifully illustrated creatures, characters, and objects from popular TTRPG settings. Printed on durable, high-quality paper, these minis are ready for action in your gaming sessions. No painting skills or costly materials required – simply cut, fold, and assemble your own miniatures.

Convenience meets versatility as our paper minis are easily transportable, allowing you to take your TTRPG adventures anywhere – whether at home, a convention, or a local game store. With Paper Legends, elevate your gaming experience without compromising on visual representation. Embrace a new era of affordable, accessible, and captivating TTRPG miniatures.

The Free Demo Includes

20 Pages of free paper minis to print at home

  • 10 orcs Designs 
  • 8 Goblin
  • 14 Undead
  • 11 Human Classes, Male & Female versions

Chronica: Paper Legends #1 Includes


  • Queen x1
  • King x1
  • Noble male x2
  • Noble female x2
  • Knight sword x2
  • Knight sword x1
  • Knight halberd x3
  • Knight hammer x3
  • Barmaid x3
  • Barman x3
  • Priest male x3
  • Priest female x3
  • Elderly male x3
  • Elderly female x2
  • Elderly female x1
  • Blacksmith male x3
  • Blacksmith female x3
  • Merchant male x3
  • Merchant female x3
  • Peasant female x5
  • Peasant male x5
  • Peasant male 2 x5
  • Peasant female 2 x5
  • Child female x5
  • Child male x5
  • Citizen male x5
  • Citizen female x5
  • Soldier spear x5
  • Soldier sword x5
  • Soldier crossbow x5
  • Veteran x3
  • Guard male x5
  • Guard female x5
  • Renegade warrior x5
  • Renegade wizard x5
  • Renegade archer x5
  • Edge wizard x3
  • Edge knight x4
  • Edge lord x1


  • Orc shaman x3
  • Orc warrior sword x3
  • Orc warrior axe x3
  • Orc warrior dual x3
  • Orc archer1 x5
  • Orc archer 2 x5
  • Orc woman 1 x5
  • Orc woman 2 x5
  • Orc citizen x5
  • Orc citizen female x5
  • Orc warrior sword x2
  • Troll x1


  • Goblin shaman x3
  • Goblin slaver x3
  • Goblin warrior 1 x3
  • Goblin warrior 2 x3
  • Goblin warrior 3 x3
  • Goblin warrior 4 x5
  • Goblin warrior 5 x7
  • Goblin slinger x5


  • Space parasite x3
  • Eyesore x3
  • Star scourge x3
  • Star wizard x3
  • Star messenger x5
  • Mimic x5
  • Star scourge x3
  • Star wizard x1
  • Star messenger x1
  • Ophanim x2
  • Warrior angel x3
  • Messenger angel x3
  • Blessed soul x5
  • Half-angel archer m x1
  • Half-angel archer f x1
  • Half-angel warrior m x1
  • Half-angel warrior f x1
  • Half-angel caster m x1
  • Half-angel caster f x1
  • Messenger angel x3


  • Green dragon x2
  • Chimera x3
  • Wyvern x5
  • Unicorn x4
  • Lizard x5
  • Giant bat x5
  • Bat swarm x5
  • Angry bird x5
  • Giant spider x5
  • Giant bug x5
  • Snake x5
  • Wolf x5
  • Giant rat x8
  • Wolf x4


  • Golem x4
  • Mini-golem x8


  • Dwarf soldier x8
  • Dwarf warrior male x1
  • Dwarf warrior female x1
  • Dwarf caster male x1
  • Dwarf caster female x1
  • Dwarf archer male x2
  • Dwarf archer female x2

Light Elves:

  • Light elf soldier sword x4
  • Light elf soldier spear x4
  • Light elf soldier spear x2
  • Light elf warrior male x1
  • Light elf warrior female x1
  • Light elf caster male x1
  • Light elf caster female x1
  • Light elf archer male x1
  • Light elf archer female x1

Dark Elves:

  • Dark elf soldier x5
  • Dark elf warrior male x1
  • Dark elf warrior female x1
  • Dark elf caster male x1
  • Dark elf caster female x1
  • Dark elf archmage x3
  • Dark elf archer male x2
  • Dark elf archer female x2


  • Titania x1
  • Oberon x1
  • Fairy swarm x3
  • Fairy x5
  • Pixie x5
  • Gnome female x3
  • Gnome male x3
  • Satyr x3
  • Hag x3
  • Dryad x3
  • Naiad x3
  • Naiad x1
  • Sylph x3
  • Heliad x3
  • Lampad x3
  • Fairy x1
  • Pixie x1
  • Genie x1
  • Treant x1


  • Hyena warrior x5
  • Hyena warrior v2 x5
  • Hyena berserker x3
  • Hyena chieftain x3
  • Hyena man x5
  • Kobold fighter x5
  • Kobold archer x5
  • Dodgy kobold x5
  • Kobold shaman x5
  • Lizardman archer x3
  • Lizardman warrior x4
  • Werewolf male x1
  • Werewolf female x1
  • Minotaur x2


  • Baphomet x1
  • Devil female x3
  • Devil Male x3
  • Succubus x5
  • Incubus x3
  • Incubus x2
  • Half-devil warrior m x1
  • Half-devil warrior f x1
  • Half-devil archer m x1
  • Half-devil archer f x1
  • Half-devil caster m x1
  • Half-devil caster f x1


  • Brown slime x5
  • Green slime x5
  • Pale slime x5
  • Black slime x5
  • Yellow slime x5


  • Skeleton wizard x3
  • Skeleton sword x3
  • Skeleton axe x3
  • Skeleton lance x3
  • Skeleton x5
  • Vampire x1
  • Fat zombie x5
  • Zombie woman x5
  • Zombie man x5
  • Zombie dog x5
  • Ghost male x5
  • Ghost female x5
  • Wraith x3
  • Will’o wisp x5


  • Axe x3
  • Bow x3
  • Dagger x3
  • Mace x3
  • Spear x3
  • Sword x3
  • Tower shield x3
  • Round shield x3
  • Kite shield v1 x3
  • Kite shield v2 x3
  • Chest x3
  • Lever x3
  • Green potion x3
  • Blue potion x3
  • Red potion x3
  • Pressure plate x3
  • Trapdoor x3
  • Small Hoard x9
  • Coins x9
  • Medium hoard x9
  • Decent hoard x9
  • Large hoard x9


  • Brawler female x1
  • Brawler male x1
  • Shaman female x1
  • Shaman male x1
  • Crusader female x1
  • Crusader male x1
  • Scholar female x1
  • Scholar male x1
  • Inquisitor female x1
  • Inquisitor male x1
  • Wealdsman x1
  • Wealdswoman x1
  • Warrior female x1
  • Warrior male x1
  • Occultist male x1
  • Occultist female x1
  • Bard female x1
  • Bard male x1
  • Varangian male x1
  • Varangian female x1
  • Outlaw male x1
  • Outlaw female x1

Expanded Basics:

  • Elf woman x5
  • Elf man x5
  • Dwarf woman x5
  • Dwarf man x5
  • Dark elf woman x6
  • Dark elf Man x6
  • Giant x1
  • Giantess x1
  • Red dragon x1
  • Blue dragon x1
  • White Dragon x1
  • Black Dragon x1
  • Gold dragon x1
  • Angel of authority x3
  • Cherub x1
  • Seraph x1

Monsters of Myth:

  • Centaur male x4
  • centaur female x4
  • Harpy female x5
  • Harpy male x5
  • Merman x5
  • Mermaid x5
  • Minotaur female x2
  • Gorgon male x1
  • Gorgon female x1
  • Cyclops male x1
  • Cyclops female x1
  • Andro-sphinx x1
  • Gyno-sphinx x1
  • Malebranche devil x2
  • Malebranche devil x2
  • Moloch x1
  • Devil lord x1

Expanded Classes:

  • Dark paladin male x1
  • Dark paladin female x1
  • Dark elf bard female x1
  • Dark elf bard male x1
  • Dark elf shaman fem. x1
  • Dark elf shaman male x1
  • Dark elf rogue female x1
  • Dark elf rogue male x1
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