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City of Intrigues

City of Intrigues

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n the arid sandy expanses of Denmora stands the city-state of Setrek, also known as the City of Intrigues: a place where deceptions, intrigues and betrayals are the order of the day. Divided into districts, Setrek is ruled by the Three Pillars: Princess Kseerix the Nagarot Pureblood, Jafar Makir the Rakshakin Merchant King, and finally Baal, the Prince of Intrigues who rule over the Pleasure District of Setrek. Powerful and influent, these individuals play an endless game of supremacy and corruption for the absolute control of Setrek and the lands of Denmora. If you have the gold and the power, Setrek can offer you the most exotic pleasures of Mundus, but beware, because crossing the gates of the City of Intrigue means being part of a game of violence and corruption from which few make it out alive.

Mezzalfiends Tricksters (Modular Unit)
Mezzalfiends Tricksters are the eyes and ears of Baal in the city of Setrek, charming, agile half-demons faithful to the creed of their prince. These individuals love the most unbridled luxury, wear only the most stylish clothing of the most expensive skins in all Rotvar, they are incredible lovers and skilled bards, with with their stories and songs they can charm any auditor.
The Mezzalfiends of Setrek are versed in the art of murder and espionage, they make excellent bards and thieves thanks to their cunning in deceiving poor victims. Like any half-demon, the Mezzalfiends Tricksters also possess a fair amount of ability in arcane manipulation. The best of them, after making a demonic pact with Baal, become powerful Warlocks.

Baal's Demonhound Riders (Modular Cavalry Unit)
The fearsome Demonhounds are extremely savage and dangerous demonic beasts, with very robust bodies, a fur that can withstand high temperatures and powerful horns and fangs with which they tear their prey to shreds. Demonhounds have an excellent sense of smell and as night falls their gaze becomes much sharper. If one of these bestial demons points you, you just must fight or pray.
In the past, very few were able to tame a Demonhound, being wild beasts and thirsty for souls, but apparently some specific melodies calm their indomitable spirit. Thus, it was that the Mezzalfiends Tricksters, skilled bards, managed to tame more and more Demonhounds.

Maril Pureblood (Modular Heroine)
Maril is the captain of the city guards of Setrek since the Nagarots are in command of the Noble District. Maril is a Pureblood who, like Princess Kseerix, has retained her facial features prior to her transformation into Nagarots. The captain is recognized by all as a ruthless elegant warrior of the impenetrable scales; her exceptional agility allows her to crawl between the enemy lines and thanks to the six arms she can reap countless victims on the battlefields.
Maril was one of the most loyal members of the Nagarot, but the situation changed when by order of the princess herself she was sent to a banquet of Baal to find out what the prince of intrigues was plotting. Baal sensed Maril's plan and invited her to drink by answering any of her questions. The more they talked and drank the more Maril was fascinated by the Daemon and ended up telling her darkest wishes, until Baal proposed a Deal.
The Prince of Intrigue claimed that sooner or later he would become the lord of all Mundus, and in exchange for her loyalty Maril would become the only governor of Setrek and Lady of all the Nagarots. Maril, fascinated by Baal honesty and ambition accepted and secretly became his right arm.

Baal - Prince of Intrigue (Modular Hero)
After being driven from the Gorge, the Daemon Prince Baal, first son of Baalzrodan, wandered to the mortal realms until he reached Setrek, the twisted and corrupted City of Intrigues. It didn't take long for Baal to become one of the lords of the City, initiating a reign of unbridled pleasure and lust, and preparing to take his revenge against his brothers.
In the Daemonic cults, Baal is considered the most fascinating and dangerous of all the Daemon. Thanks to his elegance, captivating ways and his third eye able to read every most hidden desire, he can fulfil every craving of anyone who is revealed to his presence, obviously in exchange of the soul of these naive people.
After winning Lord Alzakhm the Fire Djinn at his own game, Baal enslaved him and became the lord of the Slave District. He then decreed that all slaves be freed and renamed the District of Slaves as District of Pleasure. In this place every day is a party, and everyone is free to do what they want. These actions made Baal famous even outside the walls of Setrek, and what amazed the whole continent is that of all the freed slaves who celebrated in the court of Baal, none wanted to leave the Pleasure district, remaining faithful to the Prince of Intrigues. However, the wise understands that who accept to be part of the court of Baal is just another type of slave, and is delivering his soul to the Daemon of luxury and pleasure.

Baal - Daemon Lord (Modular Epic Boss)
Although Baal loves to bewitch and subjugate his victims with deception and charisma, he is always the son of Baalzrodan: should he fall into the most furious anger until he loses control, the legacy of his father takes over and reveals his true Daemonic form. Baal rarely assumes his demonic form, but when he transmutes, he becomes a towering Daemon wrapped in black flames and his mighty black obsidian horns underline his social status. The few witnesses of this transformation affirm that the more Baal get angered the more his face becomes that of a furious demon, so much so that he is also called the Devil.
Baal himself claims that the only survivors of this transformation were his father Baalzrodan and that coward traitor Aamon. But the prince of intrigues is neither a forgiving nor surrendering Daemon, he will first conquer Rotvar, and when all peoples are under his crazy dominion of pleasure and luxury, he will declare war to his father, kill him, and become the new Demon King. Finally, Baal will enjoy making his brother Aamon suffer for eternity for having betrayed him at the crucial moment to overthrow his father.

Baal on his Throne (Fantasy Pinup)
In the pleasure district, every day is a party. At the court of Baal, people sing, eat, celebrate, and dance day and night. Most of inhabitants of Setrek and adventurers from the farthest corners of Rotvar wish to participate in the famous banquets of Baal, where the luckiest ones can drink with the lord of the Pleasure. It is said that Baal is an extremely charismatic and kind Lord, so much to grant who amuses him a desire thanks to his personal Djinn. Certainly, some testimonies report that in the salons of Baal the weakest of spirit totally lose the conception of time and remaining all their life to drink and celebrate.

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