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Darkness of the Lich Lord

Darkness of the Lich Lord

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In the cold lands of Skutagaard it is customary to burn the bodies of the dead and to bury their ashes in tumulus. Outsiders believe that this is just a religious custom of the northern peoples, but the reason is much darker. In Skutagaard, when someone dies and a proper ritual is not performed, the Lich Lord can turn the corpse into a Draugr. Inhabitants of the wild lands beyond Birfost, the Draugar are faithful servants of the Lich Lord: an unstoppable force of darkness who seek to conquer the lands of Skutagaard, relentlessly attacking the various peoples who inhabit it. Immune to all needs, fear and pain, they are soulless war machines, with the sole purpose of killing and increasing the troops of the Lich Lord, until all Skutagaard is under their rule.
With most Draugar in the ranks of the Lich Lord, someone ancient one are sealed in olden tombs of previous eras, killing the incautious adventurers who dare to unseal their doors to seek fortune and relics.

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