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Dragonpeak Barbarians

Dragonpeak Barbarians

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The people of Dragonpeaks are direct descendants of the Humans who lived in Aeraunder the leadership of Sol the Holiest, the Dragon-God Ghaomir’s Herald. After they have been defeated and their God had been slain at the hands of the Tyrant-God Tialevor, the few surviving heirs of Sol were entrusted with the Dragonsheart: with it, they fled to Rotvar and settled in the Dragonpeaks Mountains, where they could protect this sacred relic under the guide of the wise Kromatur the Elder, Dragonlord of Dragonpeaks. Today, these fierce people live in villages honoring the ancient way of the Dragon Cult, led by warriors who have shown great valour in battle. Surrounded by mountains full of beasts of all kinds, they live in a land where the battle for survival is the order of the day, a perfect place to keep their treasure hidden from the forces of evil and to maintain their legendary strength.

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