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Dumlok Flameseekers

Dumlok Flameseekers

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The Dumlok, also known as the Dark Flame Dwarves, are the oldest dwarven race.
With ashy skin and fiery eyes, they have thick hair that can vary from red to black.
These worshipers of the Fire God Omuba live in the depths, near the magma from which they draw power. They hate any race who is not born with the Gift of the Flame, expecially their Dwarven descendants, who were driven out of their territories millennia ago after a massive genocide.
Skilled smiths of Vorgul gems, a black mineral as hard as diamond, they build frightening city-temples underground and train the powerful Kalkotaurs: ferocious monsters with the appearance of a incandescent bull. Their society is based on slavery and is divided into castes, commanded by the Master Priests of the Flames.
For centuries the Dumlok have been at war with the Slathaii for control of the Depths, but thanks to Tialevor's intervention, a forced truce was reached.
The mighty Flameseekers are the berserkers whose job it is to break through and incinerate enemy lines thanks to their incredible tenacity and powerful weapons in incandescent Vorgul, often reaching the surface to capture fresh slaves for their dominion.

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