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The Bastard Princess | Dice & Demons Adventure

The Bastard Princess | Dice & Demons Adventure

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The town of Atyden has gone silent for two weeks and travellers passing by vanish without a trace.

You are being sent to investigate the cause and if possible bring an end to what is causing the disturbance.

This adventure is made for and is part of Dice & Demon's core rules that you can download here for free. However, the system is d20-based, so you could run this in any other d20 system quite easily, and the adventure is meant to be able to drag and drop into any setting or ongoing campaign.

The adventure contains AI art; however, we are selling an AI-art-free version for 30 pounds a copy. All the money from that will be used to pay for the actual art, though there's no guarantee that enough people will buy this version, so buyers are at risk. If enough people IE, 100-200 people, do buy this copy, you will be updated with the actual art version, and when it is ready to print a code so, you will only need to pay for the post and cost of production.

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We have been working behind the scenes on this system for around a year and a half now and i have to say we are really happy with it, though the document is not fully formatted yet we believe all the text that is currently in the Quick start Rules will be in the final book

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Dice & Demons Quickstart Rules V 1.0

This is our generic fantasy system, this is only the quick start rules however theres more than enough to run the system and it comes with the bastard princess adventure

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