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The Gas Station TTRPG Source Book

The Gas Station TTRPG Source Book

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This source is meant to be used as a diving board to create a game based around the setting. Players take on the roll of a minimum wage employee working in a gas station. They try and go through their usual day to day activities while contending with the abnormal, supernatural, and down right dangerous. This game is meant to be completely open-ended and allow for pure exploration. Your GM (General Manager) will be leading down paths of oddity and horror as they see fit. One may embark on a journey completely at random, using the dice roll tables or pick and choose the story threads you wish to follow.


what do you get?

  • characters random table - D20
  • Secrets table - D20
  • Reasons why you have to work here - D20
  • Job duties - D10
  • General duties table - D10
  • Cleaning schedule - D12
  • Whats out of order and needs fixed - D10
  • What's been lost and needs found? - D12
  • Cursed items - D20
  • Store phone calls - D20
  • Behind the till random items to find - D6
  • Behind the till random events - D6
  • The office random items to find - D8
  • The office random events - D6
  • Utility room random table items to find - D6
  • Utility room random events - D6
  • Bathroom random table items to find - D6
  • Bathroom  random events - D6
  • Fridge random table items to find - D6
  • Fridge random events - D6
  • Freezer random table items to find - D6
  • Freezer random events - D6
  • Car wash random table items to find - D6
  • Car wash random events - D6
  • Forecourt random table items to find - D6
  • Forecourt random events - D6
  • Bushes random table items to find - D6
  • Bushes random events - D6
  • The Magazine Rack random table - D20
  • Customer table - D100
  • Minor Events table - D100
  • Major Events table - D100
  • vtt map
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    We have been working behind the scenes on this system for around a year and a half now and i have to say we are really happy with it, though the document is not fully formatted yet we believe all the text that is currently in the Quick start Rules will be in the final book

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